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Behmor iOS Android Connected Temperature Control Smart Craft Coffee Maker

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Behmor Connected Temperature Control Coffee Maker

  • Customizable, temperature control coffee maker with phone app for easy operation
  • Free Behmor app works on Apple iOS 7 and higher and Android 4.0+ and higher
  • Create your favorite brewing profile including brewing temperature and pre-soak time or select from app’s library
  • Delayed Brew option heats the water waiting to brew
  • Double walled thermal carafe holds 8 5oz cups per brew cycle

Behmor’s Connected Coffee Maker enables the user to bring out a coffee’s true flavors via brew settings not found on any other coffee maker and controlled easily via a mobile phone app. Enjoy coffee’s amazing flavors easily and repeatable, saved and programmable for when you want to enjoy coffee. The Behmor app allows you to easily adjust the brewing temperature, pre-soak time, or select a brew profile and start brewing. The app keeps you informed of the progress of your coffee and texts you when coffee is ready to drink. A button on the front of the brewer allows for brewing without the app based on your favorite brewing profile. In addition to custom brewing control, the Behmor Connected is engineered for optimum coffee extraction and flavor with pulsed water flow from an oversized showerhead onto a flat bottom grounds basket that will fully saturate the coffee grounds. The Behmor Connected utilizes a 1.2 liter double walled thermal carafe to maintain the coffee’s temperature. The coffee flavor and ease of settings via a mobile app will have you enjoying coffee easily at home like never before. Permanent filter included or use paper filters. 1 year warranty.

Superior Coffee Flavor

The Behmor Connected Coffee Maker is engineered differently than other coffee makers to ensure a terrific cup of coffee. The easy to use app allows for easy adjustments of brewing parameters. The oversized showerhead and pulsed water flow fully extract the coffee grounds. The result is coffee brewed to its true profile and greatest flavor–fruity, chocolaty, floral, and/or bold. Enjoy coffee at home like it should be.

Engineered for the Ideal Cup

The Behmor brewing system was engineered so that everyone could enjoy coffee’s best coffee flavors at home. Joe Behm, Behmor’s founder, set out to remove the variables that cause the most common problems in coffee brewing: over or under extraction, improper temperature, and inadequate saturation. The Behmor brewer heats the water directly in the reservoir above the coffee grounds so that no heat is lost during brewing. It also features pulsed water flow and a large showerhead to fully saturate the coffee grounds. A pre-soak option allows the coffee to bloom before brewing to ensure the perfect flavors in your cup. The mobile app is Behmor’s most recent innovation that enables users even more control over coffee brewing including saved brewing profiles and ease of use. Behmor’s innovations result in enjoying coffee at home to a whole new level.

Temperature Control

The Behmor Connected allows you to set the brewing temperature from 190-210F. The water brewing temperature is critical for ideal coffee extraction and recommended between 197-5F. The brewing temperature can even be calibrated based on your elevation above sea level, since water boils at lower temperatures the higher the elevation.

Pre-Soak the Coffee Grounds

Set a pre-soak time from 15 seconds up to 4 minutes. A small amount of water added to coffee grounds before brewing allows the coffee to bloom and the extraction’s process to begin. This enhances a coffee’s true flavors when using freshly ground coffee beans.

Easy to Use App

The free Behmor app is available for Apple (iOS7 and higher) and Android phones (4.0+ and higher). It connects to your Wi-Fi network and has simple to use screens so you can enjoy barista level coffee at home.


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